SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25th, 2015


2:00-4:00 PM 

4:00 PM                             5:00 pm
            OFFICIAL                  FINAL AUCTION BIDDING,
         RACE START               AWARDS, FOOD & DRINK



There has been an outbreak of a virus that has unleased itself upon mankind!  
This virus kills its host and reanimates them in the most horrific of ways.  This plague has finally ravaged
its way into Branson!  Your only refuge is a zombie free safe zone called Table Rock State Park!
Your one task is to stay alive as the zombie hoards invade the park looking for fresh meat!


Run, or walk carefully through the 5K course located at Table Rock State Park in Branson, Missouri.  Use your amazing wit and speed to stay alive through to the end of the course.  But if you don't, it doesn't really matter.  Everyone can join the party at the end where there will be a reunion of both the dead and undead!

For every good run, there should be something beyond the fun to inspire you. Table Rock Zombie 5K is teaming up with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to help children fight very real diseases.  All participant entry fee money will be donated to help them in their battle and make a difference. A special member of our Dance Branson School of the Arts Family, Brooklyn Grace, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 3. Since April 2012, she has undergone chemotherapy at St. Jude's Research Hospital to rid her of the horrible disease. Brooklynn had a setback at the end of May. She had reverse flow of her liver due to 6TG, a chemo drug. This was so rare, St Jude had only seen one other case of this effect. After being on a breathing machine and in a medically induced coma for 10 days, she pulled through. It was a miracle! Her little body is so strong!  As of June 12, 2012, Brooklynn is cancer FREE!  Brooklyn is such an inspiration to all of us at Dance Branson School of the Arts and we are grateful for the life that St. Jude Children's Hospital has given her.



Runners have one job...don't get caught.  You'll be wearing two flags (think flag football) that represent your lives.  Finish the race with one flag intact to "stay alive".  Win the day with the lowest time while remaining "alive" and become "The Fastest Living Runner"!  Yeah, I'm pretty sure no other race has a cool sounding, cheesy trophy like this!  Be one of the first two men, women and kids to finish alive and get a sweet prize.  This is an outdoor race along the trails through State Park and State Park Marina.  There are no obstacles on the course and only a few hills. Remember that it isn't just the track, but the zombies chasing you on the track that will make it a challenge. We will have a few zombie-free zones on the path to give you a chance to rest and hit a Regeneration Station to earn a life back .  During the race, runners may stop and take a photo with a zombie in order to earn a flag!


Runners will need to show up at least 2 hours early on race day to register and enjoy the general chaos of zombies everywhere before the shindig sets off.  We encourage's Halloween!  Awards will be given for best costume!  There will be a fun photo pic area to capture pre-race photos as well as a slew of silent auction items for bidding!  We will have areas setup for three different waves of runners, depending on your speed.  After each wave kicks off we will load up the next wave until all three have gone. Runners will navigate the course (without hurting any zombies).  During the race there will be photographers all over the place so start working on some great poses to enjoy for generations to come!  

















Of the three things you wanted to be when you grew up, we know the first was...a zombie!  Now thanks to an untimely bite on the arm, your wish has been granted! 

The Zombie Runner is the ultimate athlete (well, dead athlete).  They will pursue the runners for the full 3.11 miles of the course.  You get to chase people without going into police custody!  You have free reign to terrorize any and all areas of the course (except the zombie-free zones). Chase people, be scary, take flags, conquer!  Please no blocking runners, pushing, or barracading is allowed.  You may not physically touch the mortal runners...only their flags.

Your job on race day is to show up at least 2 hours early wearing your zombie costume.  Yes, you do need a costume!  It can be typical zombie casual, or something totally crazy (or clowny).  Have fun with it and be creative!  We will have volunteer make-up artists who can give you a bit of a zombie make-up treatment for a minimal donation.  This time is first come, first serve, so do NOT complain if you miss it by showing up too late.  You've been warned!  We will also have a photo area set up for fun,  pre-race party pics!